Cor Columbia

Student Support: Relational And Transformative

Our Mission

Cor empowers male student-athletes in Columbia, Missouri

to transform their lives through educational, experiential, and athletic opportunities. Through quality resources and caring relationships, students develop hope for the future and a way to a productive and redemptive lifestyle.





The word “Cor” is Latin for heart and the root of the English word “courage.” Our name is a representation and reminder of our central value: to have heart and to take courage. Courage is the foundation of being able to rise above your surroundings and circumstances to become the person you were created to be and to be a person that uses their strength to serve others.
Just like a tree draws its strength and health from the ground, the men of Cor draw their strength from the relationships they have with each other, the caring adults in their lives, and the resources they need to succeed now and in the future.
Cor emphasizes the development of the central virtue of courage. To have this wholehearted courage is to be Lionhearted; to face barriers, struggles, and fears that are inevitable while striving for the life you desire. With the hope and the strength that comes from the bonds of brotherhood, the men of Cor are striving each day to become more Lionhearted.
Like no other mode of transportation, being on a ship means a journey that will require everyone to work together to help each other get to the place they ultimately want to be. The men of Cor are on this journey together, and, everyday, are encouraging their brothers to weather the storms of life and sustain the work required to get to the future they all desire.

What Sets Us Apart

Cor believes that relationships are the most important catalyst to transformed lives because, without relationships, otherwise well-designed programs often fail. We also know that relationships by themselves are frequently not enough. For lives to be truly transformed, people must have access to quality resources they need to develop their capabilities AND relationships with others who can assist them in achieving their potential. Cor is able to produce transformative change by being deeply relational, while also providing a wide range of necessary services to help guys get to the places they want to be in life. Because of this, the young men we walk alongside view Cor as a brotherhood to belong to, not a program to participate in.

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Cor Columbia Impact

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Meet the Cor Columbia Team

Angie Azzanni – Co-Founder, Co-Director

Angie grew up in St. Louis Missouri, and came to Columbia in 1998 to attend the University of Missouri . She earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology, as well as a Masters degree in Human Development and Family Studies with an emphasis in Life Span Development. Following college, Angie worked for ten years as the Program Coordinator for an inner city ministry in Columbia called “Granny’s House” and in 2013 started Cor with Travis Craig.

Travis Craig – Co-Founder, Co-Director

Travis moved to Columbia in the Fall of 2001 where he attended the University of Missouri. During his college years, Travis served as a wrestling coach and Young Life leader at Rock Bridge High School. In the Fall of 2011, he began brainstorming with Angie what it would look like to create an organization in Columbia that would focus on student athletes and help them achieve better life outcomes. In the Fall of 2013, after two years of planning, Cor was born.

Jared Fenstermacher – Co-Director Battle High School

Jared grew up in Springfield, Missouri, and moved to Columbia in 2010 to attend the University of Missouri where he earned a degree in Hospitality Management and Business, with an emphasis in Sport Venue Management. During college, he got involved with the middle school ministry at The Crossing, and in the summer of 2014 took an internship with the student ministry. Upon completion of the internship, he began volunteering at Cor as an intern, where he realized his passion to help student athletes on and off the field. He began raising support to work at Cor, and is currently the director at Battle High School where he also coaches football.

Bret Weise – Co-Director Battle High School

Bret grew up in Columbia and graduated from Rock Bridge High School in 2013. He stayed in town and attended Columbia College where he got his Business Administration degree, with an emphasis in Sports Management. In 2014, while he was in college, Bret started volunteering for Middle School Cor. During his four years as a volunteer and intern, Bret loved working with Cor and building relationships with the student-athletes they served. As a result, in the fall of 2018, Bret came on staff full time to continue walking alongside guys and help them write a different story for their lives.

Nathaniel Acton – Underclassmen Coordinator – Rock Bridge

Nathaniel graduated from Rock Bridge High School in 2015 and continued his education in Columbia at University of Missouri where he received degrees in Spanish and Psychology. During his time at Mizzou, he began volunteering with Cor and worked with middle school students. During his years volunteering, Nathaniel loved tutoring and building relationships with the student-athletes. After graduating in 2019, Nathaniel came on staff full time to continue working with guys and walk alongside them.

Kacie Richter – Academic Advisor

Kacie grew up in Platte City, MO and moved to Columbia in the fall of 2006 to attend the University of Missouri where she majored in Secondary English Education. Following her graduation from Mizzou, Kacie spent the next 9 years teaching a variety of English Language Arts courses at the high school level. In the fall of 2019, Kacie joined the staff at Cor full-time.

Alex Ofodile – Hickman Staff

Alex Ofodile is a 2015 graduate of Rock Bridge High School, as well as a Cor Alum. After graduating from high school a semester early, he went on to play football at The University of Oregon where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 3 ½ years and played wide receiver for the Ducks. Alex then came home to Columbia to finish his football career with the Mizzou Tigers and completed a Master’s Degree in Positive Coaching and Athletic Leadership. While Alex works with all of our Cor students, he primarily spends time with our Hickman athletes and builds relationships with middle school students who hope to one day be a part of the Cor program.

Kaitlin EuDaly – Director Of Operations

Kaitlin grew up in Kansas City and came to Columbia in 2007 to attend the University of Missouri where she majored in Secondary Biology Education. After graduating, Kaitlin began her career at Rock Bridge High School as a science teacher and also earned her Masters in Teaching. As Cor grew, Kaitlin had more and more students that benefited from their involvement with Cor, so she became an active volunteer in addition to getting to know students alongside her husband, Beau. In 2018, Kaitlin decided to leave the classroom and came on staff with Cor.

Cor is a proud recipient of the Boone County Children’s Services Fund