Our Kids

Mojuba Shonekan

By July 15, 2018 No Comments

Mo in a senior at Rock Bridge High School and an integral member of the track and cross country teams. Mo began coming to Cor his sophomore year because many of his friends told him that it was a way he could keep his academics in line. Mo says he also noticed the brotherhood that was forming amongst his friends that went to Cor, which also influenced his decision to get involved.

What has Cor meant for you academically?

My freshman year of high school, I didn’t go to Cor, and the result of that was a 2.7 GPA (and a very unhappy dad). My sophomore year, I started going and was able to get a 3.8 to really boost up my cumulative. I’ll always be thankful for Cor when it comes to that.

What has Cor meant for you personally?

Cor has helped me have long lasting brothers. The friendships and bonds I have made are things I don’t ever plan on letting go of. All of my friends are self-driven athletes and students, and that has helped me have more of a fierce mentality as a whole.

Why would you encourage other students to get involved with Cor?

Cor is a brotherhood and it won’t only help you with your academics and athletics, but it will also prepare you for the future and make you into a respectful and resourceful young man. It’s a win-win situation.

Is there a specific memory related to Cor that means a lot to you?

Without my involvement in Cor I wouldn’t have gone with my friends to three church camps across the country and also a mission trip to Jamaica. Those are all things that are fun, but helped me a lot to grow to be a better person.