“Cor makes such a big impact on our Battle community and Columbia as a whole. The support and mentorship they offer students is truly life changing. The compassion and grace they show students while constantly raising their expectations set these young men up for the next steps in their bright futures. Their compassionate staff creates a contagious energy that drives their students to levels they may have never thought possible. We are grateful to have them be a part of our Battle community.”

Jacob BienerBattle High School Director of Counseling

“One of my favorite things about Cor is that it creates a natural accountability system within the guys that participate. Cor students create a motivational system among themselves. They are constantly encouraging, challenging, and cheering each other on to pursue both academic and personal excellence. It’s a pretty amazing thing to witness.”

Amy McKenzieRock Bridge High School Teacher

“My son started with Cor right before the pandemic wrecked his freshman year. Despite being a good student, he struggled with online classes, but two days a week he was picked up and driven to the Cor building to work on his academics. Additionally, the positive male role models in his life are the Cor staff and volunteers. It is astonishing to me to realize the relationships that my son has developed in such a short time being a part of Cor. Cor has turned out to be a blessing not only for my son, but also to our entire family! Cor has become ‘the village.’”

Sheyenne ShanksCor Parent

“The staff at Cor just have tremendous hearts for kids. The service and love they provide to the young men they work with is incredibly impactful. They serve these students to not only be successful in the classroom and the athletic arena, but also to develop into great men of character.”

David EganColumbia Public Schools Athletic Director

“Since day one, I have been consistently impressed with the work that Cor does in our community. Their holistic approach goes far beyond academics in meeting the interconnecting needs of our students. I have been blessed by the strong partnership that we have been able to form with the students and staff of Cor.”

Luke NealArea Director Young Life Columbia

“Cor is an amazing program that serves the community well. Since joining Cor, my son's GPA has raised from a 3.1 to a 3.8. The time, energy and patience the staff put into the students is unmatched. They help with homework, feed them, mentor them, and teach them valuable life skills. My son loves going to Cor and I am grateful he is a part of it. He has formed relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Tiffany GoolsbyCor Parent

“Cor meets our guys where they are and walks alongside them to support them academically and emotionally into the next chapter of their lives! I have personally seen such growth in the young men in our school, and it is truly heartwarming!"

Michele ParkerRock Bridge High School Receptionist

“Seeing my middle schoolers thrive in high school and beyond is largely due to the impact of Cor. It has helped them stay organized and manage their time, created a safe place for them to ask for help and get tutoring, but most importantly build relationships with other students and adults who care for their well being and success. I asked a past student of mine how high school was and he simply responded, ‘Without Cor I’d be lost.’ I have seen how much of an impact it has made in his education, but also seen changes in his attitude, relationships, and character. Cor has helped shape many boys into men.”

Jamie LazechoLange Middle School Teacher

“In the last several years, working with Cor has helped me feel like I know my students will be taken care of after 4 p.m. The Cor staff goes out of their way to support a student’s academics, mental health and literally anything else a kid could need. They help the parents and the school by often being the ‘middle man’ to make things easier for us to ALL work together supporting students the best way we can.”

Melissa CoilRock Bridge High School Counselor and Success Center Teacher

“As an educator, I appreciate Cor because it provides an extra layer of support for our young male athletes. I have personally seen these athletes transform into men of integrity who are academically focused and held accountable. They become leaders in their school community because of the program and its staff.”

Amy JammehBattle High School Teacher

“I have been so encouraged by the academic and emotional growth I’ve seen in our students that are involved with Cor. It’s amazing to see how young men will flourish in brotherhood under the care of loving adults.”

Rebecca WallaceBattle High School Counselor