About Cor Columbia

Cor holistically serves male student athletes, working to transform futures by providing access to opportunities and resources students need to succeed

Achieving in the classroom


Cor provides students (grades 9-12) with the skills and support needed to overcome academic barriers and gain access to future college and career opportunities. There are a number of ways Cor works with students:

Academic Coaching

Academic coaches build consistent and personal relationships with individual students. They assist the students in planning, organization, and preparation in order to become proactive learners and reach all their academic goals. This relationship provides the students with consistent and personalized support as coaches accompany students through their academic challenges and successes.


Students are offered 8-10 hours of weekly academic tutoring in a variety of subject areas in order to address gaps in their educational history and allow them to reach their full academic potential.

School Partnerships

Partnerships with local educators creates a community of people who are working together to see students succeed in the classroom. Increased communication, academic accountability, and encouragement lead to improved scholastic performance.

Learning Environment

A stable, well equipped, and accessible learning environment eliminates barriers by providing students with the resources they need to achieve academic success.

Discipline and perseverance on the field


Cor uses the positive power of athletics to help students build relationships, develop character, learn discipline, and create a pathway to a college education.

NCAA Eligibility

NCAA eligibility requirements for student-athletes can be confusing and difficult to meet. Cor provides student-athletes with the understanding and resources they need to meet the NCAA’s eligibility requirements.

Recruiting Process

Many of our student-athletes will attempt to go on to compete in collegiate athletics. Cor provides support in the collegiate athletic recruiting process from beginning to end, from developing highlight film to traveling with athletes on recruiting visits.

Athletic Partnerships

Partnerships with athletic staff and coaches create greater communication, athletic accountability, academic eligibility, relational support, which allow students to maximize their athletic potential.

Adventures to broaden perspective


Cor creates opportunities for students to participate in a variety of different experiences and activities that help shape them into well-rounded people who see the world as an interesting and exciting place.


Students have a variety of opportunities to serve others, from using their expertise to coach local youth athletes, to traveling overseas to serve in developing countries.

Community Partnerships

Partnerships with local organizations open doors for students to have many impactful experiences from attending youth camps around the country to weekly hang outs and basketball shoot arounds at the local church.


The opportunities to get outside and experience the world by hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, and biking show students that the world is bigger and more interesting than they once thought.

Growing Together


Cor’s foundational belief in transforming lives revolves around our staff and volunteer’s abilities to build relationships with our guys through the idea of accompaniment and to help form a network of young men growing together.


To accompany someone is to go somewhere with him or her, to break bread together, and to be present on a journey with a beginning and an end. It is through this practice that real change and growth can occur. (Adapted from Paul Farmer, Harvard University)


When asked what Cor is, the most frequent answer among students is, ”a brotherhood”. The bonds formed among guys who are like-minded, have a common goal, and spend countless hours together creates a foundation for relationships that last well beyond their high school years. Many of our students have found their, “Brothers for Life” within the walls of Cor.